hi hello,

i’m a person who writes about baseball professionally but spends too much mental energy on the pursuit of frivolous trappings and trying to derive meaning therein. this is an attempt to justify the former by doing more of the latter. i hope that will prove to be a loose (threadbare, even?) conceit. it’s a project born of staleness and lack of stimuli during these “strange times.” i love sports for the fresh storylines they provide on a rigorous schedule, but always within a structure that itself can start to feel rote. i wanted to spark entirely unrelated considerations within myself while also creating a more tangible feedback loop for my opinions — which are: inexpert but critical.

a simpler explanation is: i wanted to see what writing about shit that excites me with no other obligation does to the creative process. since this is an inherently self-interested free, it will be totally free for the foreseeable future!

if you ended up here but would rather read what i have to say about baseball, you can do that here.